Our goal is to provide real value to our customers.  VALUE  What is a good value?  It is the best product available to do the job at the best price.  We provide the best products for each type of Cigar humidification required.  Relax, I have dome all the shopping for you.  I can carry ANY humidification products.  I have chosen these products for your applications.  The MaxiFogger and CEZIO, for example, are atomizing humidifiers.  They put out a fog, great humidity and the customers like to see it.  You can also produce a fog with a high pressure pump and misting heads.  The pump alone costs more than either system including the humidistat controller and RO water filter.  Misting heads clog up and require cleaning and replacing.  They are hard to control. You could choose an Ultrasonic humidifier.  It would cost you more than three times what my system would.  Plus you would be replacing the transducers within 2-3 years.  AND you still need the water filter and Humidistat control.

What about steam as an option?  Steam has two real drawbacks that I see.  First, you are producing heat, not good for cigars if it gets over 70-75 degrees.  Second, the cost of operating a steam humidifier will give you an electric bill of around $500 PER MONTH.  You could have a complete system from us for cost of 2 months electric bill using steam. See what I mean?  I've looked at the alternatives and chosen to sell the best product for the application you have.  They are very cost effective and durable.

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